Support for Swiss teachers

We are delighted to inform you about Cambridge English’s brand new platform My Cambridge English for teachers in Switzerland.

This dedicated platform provides support for all teachers, no matter whether they do not know Cambridge English exams yet or whether they have a longstanding experience in preparing their students to our exams. You will find more information on the platform and its three modules below:

  • My Cambridge English: Platform and meeting point for teachers. You will find selected highlights from our resources and expertise in three main menus: teaching resources (for every English class), a professional development area (for every English teacher) and information on exams (Cambridge English exams for you). In addition, the platform features testimonials as well as information on upcoming events in the region. No registration necessary.
  • Try-it! A 6 month-module for teachers who are new to Cambridge English exams (October – April). Teachers signing up will receive monthly lesson material based on exam tasks, giving them the opportunity to get to know our exams and to test our approach to learning English in their classroom. The module also includes general information on Cambridge English exams, for example their recognition in Switzerland. Registration is free of charge and non-committal.
  • Do-it! A 12 month-module for teachers starting their first preparation course for Cambridge English exams. Teachers signing up will be provided with support throughout the school year, from the start of their course to exam registration. This includes extra teaching resources, e.g. material for the first lesson or an extra sample test, as well as useful information and material such as presentations for parents and students, an overview of preparation course books and their suitability for different course types or a promotional kit. Registration is free of charge and non-committal.
  • Inspire! Ongoing module for teachers with a longstanding experience in preparing Cambridge English exams. Teachers signing up will receive access to newly created lesson materials and activities, information on aspects of language teaching and testing (such as digital tools for the classroom or using assessment to support learning) as well as teacher reports (best practice and tips for exam preparation). Registration is free of charge and without any commitment.

Register today for this unique offer! Please do not forget to indicate your exam centre Basel and Jura when registering.

More Exam Regions in Switzerland

Basel, Riehen

Aesch, Liestal, Muttenz, Reinach


Genève, Chêne-Bougeries, Cologny, Petit-Lancy, Thônex, Veyrier

Jura, Delémont, Porrentruy

Luzern, Affoltern am Albis, Nottwil/Sursee, Pfäffikon




Solothurn, Breitenbach

Brig, Visp, Sierre, Sion, St. Maurice, Monthey

Vaud East
Aigle, Villars, St Maurice, La Tour de Peilz, Vevey, Montreux, Gstaad

Vaud West
Lausanne, Payerne, Pully, Morges, Nyon, Renens, Yverdon-les-Bains


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