Information for Parents/Guardians

The number of candidates wishing to use their Cambridge English qualifications for purposes such as immigration and access to work and higher education continues to increase. Cambridge English is committed to ensuring that Cambridge English qualifications are recognised by organisations as one of the most valuable and secure English language qualifications available. As a result each candidate who takes B2 First, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency exam will be photographed on the day of the exam.

The photo taken on the day of the test, as well as the candidate’s result, name, date of birth and gender, will be available on the secure Online Results Verification website for use by organisations wishing to verify a result. Candidates will be able to control who can access their result and view their photo.

If candidates are under 18, their parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to give consent.

The photos will be taken using special software provided by Cambridge English, and at all times the files and photos will be stored securely and will only be accessible by the Cambridge English Authorised Exam Centre staff using a login. For additional security, all files will be encrypted. Once the photos have been transferred to the secure Online Results Verification Site of Cambridge English, all local copies of the encrypted files will be deleted.

This new regulation is one of a series of measures that have been introduced by Cambridge Assressment English in order to further enhance the security and integrity of the Cambridge English qualification.

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