About us

The Centre has almost 80 years of experience as a Cambridge English exams centre. Since 1940 it has been our mission to provide continued Swiss quality and offering high service standards to our test takers, teachers and Preparation Centres. We strive to safeguard the fairness and reliability of the Cambridge English qualifications.

Special services

  • We offer both computer-based and paper-based tests for the full range of exams on many dates and in many regions during the year.
  • We facilitate registration for special needs candidates at no extra cost
  • We offer a re-take option
  • We allow students to choose their speaking test partners
  • We are flexible in accommodating late entry registrations

Our standards

  • We are committed to offering the highest security and quality to safeguard the fairness the tests. In this we comply with the agreements for officially authorised Cambridge English Centres
  • We adhere to the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) where applicable
  • We ensure that we fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPRS)

Registration & administration

  • Helpdesk
  • Quick reaction & response times
  • Flexible and no-fuss registration process via our website
  • Swift dispatch of all exam-related documents, i.e. Confirmation of Entry & Timetables, Certificates
  • Customers feel welcomed, valued and respected

Our team

  • Our employees are friendly, professional, pro-active and responsive
  • Our Speaking Examiners undergo rigorous, training and are regularly monitored by Team Leaders to ensure standards required by Cambridge English are met

Premises & venues

  • Thorough selection process in place for our venues and examinations halls
  • Clean, accessible, safe and well- equipped

Preparation centres

  • We work closely with our partners striving to provide the best help and support for their students and test takers
  • We provide support with seminar programmes, workshops and webinars
  • We offer a wealth of resources, e.g. sample papers, Handbooks and online teaching resources
  • We take our Preparation Centres’ requests seriously

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